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Your convenience is our main goal.
MDC Computers has serviced the greater Las Cruces Area since 2000. We are a full service computer store that sells desktops, laptops, parts, and peripherals. We are also a certified Lenovo re-seller. Along with being your one-stop shop for all of your computer component needs, we are also a full service center, repairing both PCs and Apple computers.

Here at MDC Computers we understand how frustrating computers can be, and we’re here to help. Let our staff take care of all your technology needs!

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We are all about helping our customers out. We strongly believe in going the extra mile, whether it’s offering great pricing on our service repairs or getting you into a new computer that doesn’t make you feel completely lost! MDC Computers wants you to be completely satisfied with all of our work and products. We don’t mind spending the extra time, because inevitably, educating and knowledge is the key to computer nirvana.
Progressive thinking and solutions.
MDC Computers knows how important your machine is to you. We know how much you rely on your computer, either for personal or business operations. We balance working as diligent and effective as possible to get your computer back quickly and running great.
MDC Computers works hard for our customers and we strive for excellence, wanting nothing more than to be YOUR computer go-to store!
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MDC Computers offers a full line of computer services, ranging from advanced virus and spyware removal, software problems, and hardware failures. If you’ve got a computer problem, we’ve got an answer! We service all brands, operating systems, models, and much more. Give us a call to help you with your computer needs today!

Virus & Spyware Removal
Hard Drive, Screen, & Keyboard Replacements
Data Recovery
Custom Built PCs

Virus removal is our forte. We service hundreds of computers each month with malicious infections. Unfortunately, too many users browse unprotected and rely on insufficient software to monitor for infections. Viruses are smart and work their way into every nook and cranny of your computer; we know where to look for these infections and make sure to completely remove them all. Computer viruses aren’t what they used to be, and malicious software is getting more advanced with toolbars, online re-direction, and malware infections. All of these infections can cause great harm to your computer as well as your jeopardizing your identity. Let us assist you in cleaning and optimizing your computer today!

From servers to gaming rigs to the everyday user, a custom built PC fit for your needs is our specialty. Not only will you have the best computer on the block, but have a full service warranty to stand behind the life of your product with our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee! Let us build your next computer today!

Does “password123” not work anymore on your computer? Seems like you may have locked yourself out! Don’t worry, rest assured and let us reset that forgotten password of yours! *Some restrictions apply

We have a saying here at MDC, there’s more guarantees in life than having to pay taxes and dying. The other guarantee is that your Hard Drive will go bad, and probably at the worst time possible. As much as we can’t stress the importance of having multiple current backups, we all know that many of us simply don’t. Getting your information recovered can be a disastrous and worrisome venture and MDC is here to help. MDC offers many in-house Data Recovery solutions. For some extreme cases, MDC offers many professional Data Recovery Services off-site. If you’re having a panic attack about loosing your important, valuable data, please pick up the phone and let MDC Computers help with ease the situation.  *Some restrictions apply

In need of a site for your business or blog? Look no further and let our team build your dream website! For more info, click here.

Don’t live anywhere near our store? MDC Computers can still assist you as long as you have an internet connection (we are assuming you do since you’re here!). Call us for more information! (575) 522-7600


Our clients help us to improve and strive for more.


Our clients help us to improve and strive for more.


Office: 2001 E Lohman Ave # 114, Las Cruces, NM, 88001

Phone: (575) 522-7600


Feel free to get in touch with us for any questions.

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