Need help with your computer?

We’re always looking for new ways to help support our customers. We would love feedback on what is most important to our customers through their technological struggles. MDC Computers is looking for

New Website!!!

The team at MDC Computers is now getting a huge facelift for our website and upcoming online store! Get ready for a whole new experience and look for MDC!

Need a new Computer? – February 2013 Specials

Check out some of our specials on Laptops and Desktops for the month of February 2013 All of our new and refurbished units come with our 1 Year MDC Warranty

Yes….It’s time.

Okay….It’s that time again. It’s time to bite the bullet and buy a new computer. And no…I am not trying to make a sale, I am trying to let people

Asus Eee Pad Transformer: More than meets the eye? Product Review

Around the Holidays the age old question of what to get your loved ones always comes up. This year my personal favorite hardware manufacturer, Asus has a great contender for

Help! I keep getting viruses even with Antivirus installed! – Google Chrome + AdBlock Plus

Alright, pretty much any techie you come across will tell you the same thing: Stay away from Internet Explorer! But on what to use as an alternative the minds are

What do I get the “tech junkie” for Christmas?

I find Christmas shopping one of the more difficult things to master, and each year it seems to get tougher. We face the question “What do I get the person

Help! I need a new video card!

Ever find yourself searching for a new Video card just to end up confused by all the model names and numbers out there? Why is an Nvidia GeForce GTX460 slower

BEWARE! Fake Antivirus Scams

Most of us in this digital age have been at this point, or probably will get to it at some time: A virus infected computer. However viruses have evolved with